Cooking with Gin

Cooking with gin is not as uncommon as you may think. Anthropologists have discovered evidence that early cooking recipes used juniper berries, which are widely available throughout Europe, to enhance the flavours of stews. Adding acid to fat develops its flavour. Common examples include oil and vinegar based salad dressings, or lemon in hollandaise sauce.

As a juniper derived spirit, gin can really enhance the flavour of a meal. When using gin with cooking any meal, it is important to make sure you cook off all the alcohol, just leaving the botanical flavour of your chosen gin. Otherwise, you’ll end with a pretty boozy kick!

Different gins suit different recipes, similar to wine pairings. For example, bold gins with heavier flavoured botanicals like pine, peppercorn or rosemary work well with seafood dishes and heavier meats. Any citrus flavoured or sloe gins will add a taste of sweetness to your meal.

Play around and experiment with different gins and food recipes. When you discover a cracking pairing, it’s immensely satisfying and adds to the quality of your meal!