About Us


Nestled in the idyllic town of Upper Froyle, surrounded by the glorious Hampshire countryside, you will find the former 17th century barracks of the Froyle Estate, home to The Barracks Gin.

Established and run by a military veteran, Marius hung up his uniform in 2019 and started pursuing his love of all things gin. He set out on a long journey to find the perfect botanical recipe for The Barracks Gin. He wanted to create a gin spirit with a unique light freshness and a bright personality.

Sharing all the various gins made and recipe iterations with family and friends, countless flavours and aromas were explored. Eventually, leading to the perfection of the botanical recipe and distilling process used today. With some arm twisting and the loyal support of all those people, The Barracks Gin was born. 

With the launch of The Barracks Gin and many more gins in testing, we have a bright future ahead and we’d love you to join us on our journey! Follow us on social media to hear about our newest products and offers.