Hand Crafted Gin


To produce a truly unique and high quality gin, we knew that detail was important. The care and dedication that is put into each drop of The Barracks Gin is reflected in the delicate citrus flavour.

Having researched and tested many distilling methods and styles, we concluded that the traditional vapour infusion method complimented our flavour profile perfectly. Our select organic botanicals are too fine for boiling! Instead, we suspend the botanicals within the still column. As the spirit is heated, the steam gently rises through the botanicals capturing and blending their bright flavours. The result is a clean, delicate and extraordinarily refreshing spirit.

To support this method, we had to design and build our very own still. We wanted to ensure that what we used to make The Barracks Gin was as perfect as the gin itself!

Every single drop of The Barracks gin is hand crafted with the greatest care in our small kitchen distillery.